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Thermostats, Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality, IAQs
What? Me Worry?
By Gary Klena

We all have a good deal to think about every day. From the time we get up we are hit from all sides with things to be concerned about; what to eat or not eat; what to drink or not drink; and even what is “green” or not “green.” How will I get through these high oil prices? Is all the news about global warming talking to me? The list never seems to end so someone please tell me something good for a change!

We believe here at Thermal Associates we do have something good to say for you. You will see in our product line items that will be beneficial to a healthy home environment and energy saving ones too. Now we wish we could have answers for all the above puzzles, but knowing that we have a few that we trust are right tells us there is light at the end of the tunnel of concerns. Through our many years of experience in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation business we have dealt with a variety of issues that homeowners can have.

We have seen the tight new construction and the problems it can also create. With the lack of continuous fresh air heat recovery ventilation the new home becomes nothing more than a sealed bag keeping all the indoor pollutants for you to breathe. Not very healthy to say the least and this is why we introduced to you the homeowner the Venmar Ventilation systems. Whether you need the heat recovery model or the energy recovery you can feel confident that each and every day you and your family will breathe the fresh, healthy air.

And it isn’t just new construction that can feel the effects of lack of proper ventilation. Have you seen the house ‘illness’ which has become known as the wet window syndrome? Usually it happens during the overnight hours, but magically gets better or disappears throughout the daytime. What you see are the results of high humidity combined with poor ventilation.

We also have a variety of the new Honeywell energy saving thermostats. No more of having those variable temperature swings the old mercury thermostats always had. Now you will be right on the money for getting the temps you set it at in heating or air conditioning. And, you can also have that in either a manual or a programmable model too.

Now let’s turn our attention to the building envelope of your structure. The often overlooked cause of air leakage and energy wasting is those small electrical boxes in the exterior walls. They may have a switch or it’s an outlet where you plug in the lights, tv, dvd, etc. To the rescue comes our Lessco Air Vapor Barrier box! Now you can not only stop the loss of your precious heat, but you will also be protecting the inside of your walls from developing structural damage too.

All this was to let you know there actually are good things to think about. Our products were chosen keeping in mind that every homeowner wants not only what is best for the house structure, but what is best for those that occupy it too so you can believe that you have created a healthy house.


Thermostats, Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality, IAQs